Gaziantep - in the South East Region of Turkey-  has highsocio-economic power. The economy is mainly based on industry-trade and agriculture in the region. The population is about a million and a half. 
Bahçeşehir College was founded in Istanbul, 1994. It has preschools,  primary & middle schools and  High schools in different areas of Turkey such as in İstanbul,  Adana, Alanya, Antalya, Aydın,  Bursa, Bandırma, Burhaniye, Diyarbakır, Gaziantep, Kastamonu, Kocaeli, Konya, Mersin, Manavgat, Van , Yalova, Samsun and Balıkesir.
Gaziantep Bahcesehir College  was set up in 2008 and it is one of the biggest school in Gaziantep. It has almost 1000 students and the number of staff is about 100. It provides preschool, primary , middle and high school  education. 
It has  classes oriented according to Multiple Intelligence Module. It aims to determine the differences  of learning styles and plan the education terms based on these differences.

Education at Bahçeşehir College Institutons is a process which encompasses the complete journey from kindergarten to university. Within this framework, students are prepared for a future that guarantees true enlightenment, prosperity and contentment through  learning process which develop the students' creativity and problem-solving abilities/skills in tune their individual needs.

Our primary goal is to develop and raise students' fundamental skills and abilities to the highest level. Language education is very important in our school. It aims to use all sources to create opportunities for them to  learn languages and new cultures.  Therefore, our school is in touch with the other schools abroad.

Using technology is another important situation in our school. Students learn how to use technology correctly; such as having lessons with IPADs. Besides this, they learn how to create their own computer programme in Coding and Robotic Lessons,too.

Also, STEM (Science,Technology, Engineering and Maths) system is used in the departments from kindergarden to high school. Students are tought multiple thinking in these sytem.

In addition to this, It has got a lot of swimming, basketball, chess medals . Academically it is always the first school in Gaziantep. Every year  our students pass the national exams prepared by Ministery of Education  with  high degree. 

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